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We are transforming the interior design industry by clearly stating our fee structure so there are no surprises.

Our standard rate is $150/hour.

We feel that an hourly fee is the most fair to the client and to the designer.  This eliminates the percentage-based incentive other designers use to over-inflate a project. Our breadth of knowledge gained from over 35 years of experience allows us to use your time wisely and efficiently.

Few Interior Designers in Orange County match our high standards.  What you can count on from us:

  • Open communication
  • No "space stuffing" with unnecessary items to pad our wallet
  • No acceptance of referral fees from partners or contractors
  • No acceptance of kickbacks from partners or contractors
  • No diva attitude - we listen to you
  • No fake discounts from fake list prices on materials

It is not uncommon for some designers to receive referral fees and kickbacks from contractors or partners.  We believe this represents a conflict of interest, so we will not accept such payments and insist on transparency.

What this means is that you will often save thousands of dollars just by working with an honest designer, even if their hourly rate is higher.

This is why Terry Juhl is fast becoming the leading Interior Designer in Orange CountyContact Terry today.